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Below are links for home-made, earth friendly or all natural products

that help to heal your body & soul! These are products that are healthy

and contribute to living a more earth friendly life!


light footsteps

"Light Footsteps was created as a way to share my love of herbs and crafting with others.  It is my pleasure to grow, harvest, and craft these goods with loving intentions for people to feel their best, enjoy the product, and (hopefully) learn to embrace the amazing powers of nature!"


neti pot

Baraka - neti pots

The natural way to sinus health.


light footsteps

I live and write at the intersection of family, food, and farming with three generations of my family at 1840 Farm.  I share the experience with my readers on my blog at  We began to offer our products for sale in 2011 in order to help support our farm financially. We never imagined that doing so would also support our family on a much deeper level.

When our customers tell us how much they love our products and look forward to reading about our farm, it reminds us that our journey is not limited to those of us physically living here at 1840 Farm. Instead, it is made richer by inviting all of them to take part in our daily adventures no matter where they might call home.

Interacting with the members of the 1840 Farm Community online on a daily basis only reinforces that belief. I love reading about their experiences as much as I enjoy sharing mine.

~Jennifer Burcke~



If you re a home based or small business that sells hand made, earth friendly or all natural products,

or use a product that you absolutely love,

feel free to email me about having that product added to this directory!