6'-10" x 8'-0" Greenhouse Plans


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Plans for the 6'-10' x 8'-0" Greenhouse are now available!!

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Now Available in PDF form for immediate download!
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******* Also Available, plans for the 8'-0" x 12'-0" *******

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The revised edition now includes information and drawings for either 2x3 or 2x4 construction

plus additional drawings for optional roof vents


The plans come as a 46 page, 8-1/2" x 11" spiral bound book that includes:


- Full Materials List

- Full Cut Lists

- Step by Step assembly drawings

- Detail drawings for greenhouse and benches

- Templates to help cut angles

- Sources to purchase the greenhouse covering and vent opener


All the information you need to build a greenhouse for yourself!


Sample Pages:



Table of Contents

Sample Cut List

Building the Base

Optional Roof Vents

Building the Benches


The greenhouse in these plans is an easy to builld project that will give you the ability to extend your growing season. It will allow you to start your seedlings earlier and possibly grow some varieties you normally wouldn't be able to grow. It is constructed out of basic dimensional lumber which is inexpensive and available from your local lumber store. The greenhouse has a hinged window which can be manually propped open for ventilation, or you can add an automatic vent opener that will open the window automatically when the temperature gets too warm or close when it gets too cold. these plans also include instructions for greeenhouse benches. Instructions to construct the door and window are included in the plans as well as the source to purchase the greenhouse covering and automatic vent opener.


This greenhouse design was developed out of the necessity for an inexpensive, sturdy, functional and aesthetically pleasing alternative to the aluminum and plastic panel greenhouses kits on the market today. It is easy to construct and the plans are broken down into simple steps with diagrams so that anyone can understand them and build a greenhouse for themselves.


**Use the Materials Pricing Worksheet to calculate the cost of materials to build the greenhouse.**


Images of finished greenhouse
covered greenhouse plants greenhouse framed
vent opener


I hope you enjoy building your greenhouse and I hope you get pride and satisfaction doing it yourself!

Happy Gardening!